Project search results

Switching between project and agency search results

You can toggle your search results between "by projects" or "by agency" views by clicking the "View projects" and "View agencies" buttons located to the right of the "View Map" button above the search results. 


Switching from the "Agency Center Search Results" page:

Click the "All Projects" link in the "View from these agencies" link set at the top of the page and you will navigate to the Project Search Results view containing the projects issued by the agencies from your search.

Switching from the "Project Center Search Results" page:

Click the button titled "View the agencies that issued this projects" and you will navigate to the Agency Search Results view, which contains only those agencies that issued the projects in your search results. (Please note that in order to use this functionality you may be asked to refine your search so that the total number of agencies is 500 or less.) 

NOTE: If your project search result contains projects from fewer than 500 agencies, the number of agencies will be displayed on the button.  If the search result contains projects from more than 500 agencies, the button text will read "View top 500 agencies that issued these projects," and when you click the button, you will see only the top 500 agencies. Also, if after viewing the agencies you switch back to project search results (via the "view projects issued by these 500 agencies" button), you will see fewer projects (only those issued by the top 500 agencies).  To return to the original project search results from the agency list view, use the "back" button.

Viewing project details

When you click the project name in the Project Center search results, you will navigate to the Project Details page. On the "Project Overview" tab, you will see additional details for the project, as well as related documents that can be downloaded to your desktop by clicking the document links.  On the "Project Contacts" tab, you will see information about the agency issuing the project as well as contact information for the project's buyer.  On the "Project Timeline" tab (when available) you will see other stages in the procurement process that are linked to this project.

Viewing agency details

When you click the agency name, you will navigate to the Agency Details page.

The "Overview" tab contains charts displaying the agency's month-by-month purchases and purchases by industry vertical over the past two years.

On the "Contacts" tab, you can see two contact directories: "Decision Maker Contacts" and "Buyer Contacts" (sometimes only one of the two directories is available for an agency).

The "How to Do Business With" tab contains links to information on how to conduct business with the agency.

The "Spending Forecasts" tab displays links to the agency's plans for future expenditures and capital improvements (this tab is only available if your subscription includes the Spending Forecast Center module of the Online Database).

Sorting search results

You can sort your search results in the following ways:

Relevance: This is based upon the keywords that you are searching on. These keywords are weighted differently based upon their location in the project description. For instance, a keyword that is located in the title of the project would have a higher weight than a keyword that is found in body of the description of the project on in the project description.

Publication Date: You can have your project-search results displayed either from most recent to oldest or vice versa according to when each was originally published in the Online Database.

Submittal Date: You can use this option to sort the projects you wish to view based on the date by which each project's bid or proposal must be received by the issuing agency, in the order of either most or least recent.

If your search times out...

If your search times out before it returns results, here are two techniques you can use to try to solve the problem:

  • Delete your browser's temporary Internet files and cookies. In the Internet Explorer toolbar, go to Tools -> Internet Options and click the "Delete" button under "Browsing history." In Firefox toolbar, go to Tools -> Clear Recent History, click the "Details" button in the "Clear Recent History" pop-up window, select the "Cookies" and "Cache" checkboxes and click "Clear Now."
  • Revise your search that it doesn't have as many refinements (this applies to both new and saved searches). In particular, remove your date ranges if possible.
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