Searching for projects

Starting a new search

To search for projects, go to platform.onvia.com and log in to your account. 

After you log in, click the "Project Center" drop-down menu at the top of the "My Onvia" page and select "All Projects" to go to the Project Center search page.  Choose your search parameters by entering keywords, selecting a date range, clicking checkboxes for location and industry, and then clicking "Search" if you're ready to generate search results based on those parameters.

The “keywords” text box is also enabled with auto-suggest functionality which will display as you start typing. This list will help you define your search criteria to find the most relevant results based on your specific needs. 

If you want to narrow your search further, click the "Advanced Search" link below the "Search" button.

Upon clicking the “Advanced Search” link, the advanced options window will slide open on your screen. Here, you will see a number of additional refinements located in the left column. You can close this window at any time by clicking the (x) icon located in the top right corner of the window. You can also open the advanced options from the search results page, to further refine an existing search.

You will follow these same steps when searching in Term Contract Center and Spending Forecast Center; however, there are some different search parameters available to you in those modules and Spending Forecast Center Saved Searches cannot be added to your Daily Onvia Guide. The Guide for Spending Forecast Center is delivered on a monthly basis. 

Search Parameters

The Advanced Search page in Project Center provides you with more refinement options. Here are the ways you can narrow your search:

The Project Center search page has one field for keywords, and all of them will be found in the each of your search results. The Advanced Search page has three fields for keywords, and all three can be used at the same time.

Publication Date
You can search for projects by the following publication-date ranges: Last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, last 1 year, all dates, or a custom date range you specify.

The geographic location of the agency associated with the project. Search by states, cities, counties, and MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas).

You have 13 different choices of industry verticals (plus an "Other" category) to include with your search parameters.

Procurement Type
The stages of the procurement process are divided into three categories: Pre-announcement (such as an Advance Notice), Announcement (i.e., bid or RFP), and Post-announcement (award, bid results, or sole source).

FSC Codes
The Federal Supply Classification (FSC) code parameters include Research and Development, Services, and Supplies and Equipment.

Level of Government
You can search for spending plans issued by agencies at the city/town, county, state and federal level as well as by special districts and school districts.

Agency Function
You can refine a search according to agencies' area of focus or jurisdiction, such as Education, General Purpose, Public Safety, and Transportation.

Special Filters
These allow you to narrow your search based on the set-aside requirements of projects (e.g., participation by a Small Disadvantaged Business) and on the dollar range of the awarded contract value of the projects. You also have the option either to include GSA Schedule-related contracts in your results or to filter them out.

In addition to being able to narrow your search by the projects' publication date, you can also refine searches by the bid/proposal submittal date and the date of the pre-bid meeting (for example, next 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, etc.).

Understanding Search Results

The search results page has the following components:

  • The total number of results is displayed at the top of the page.
  • The left column contains search-refinement links.  Make new selections and/or add terms to narrow a search and get fewer results. Unselect terms to broaden a search and get more results
  • You can create a Guide PDF of selected results by clicking the checkboxes beside those items, selecting the "Share" option in the "Actions" menu, and then clicking the "Create PDF" option.
  • You can sort your search results using the "Arrange by" drop-down menu above the results.
  • You can get a list of the agencies that issued the projects by clicking the "Top agencies" link at the top of the page.
  • You can access your Searches directly using the "My Searches" drop-down menu at the upper-right corner, and you can save the search the produced the results by clicking the "Save" button.
  • You can also view the results on an interactive map by clicking the checkboxes beside those items, selecting the "View Map" option in the "Actions" menu.

Searching Within Results

You can search within results by typing additional keywords in the search field at the top of the left column.

Narrowing Down Search Results

To narrow your search results, you can click one or more of the search-refinement links located in the left column. This will limit your search results to the selected categories. Also, you can search within results by typing additional keywords in the search field at the top of the left column. Additionally, you can click the "View More" links located under the search-refinement links to expand the list of refinement options in those categories.

You also have the option to display only active term contracts or only awards within those results by clicking the "Active Term Contracts" or "All Awards" links below the Project Search Results totals at the top of the search-results page.

Expanding Search Results

To expand your search, unselect items in the left navigation to broaden your search and get more results.

You can also click the "Advanced" link at the top of the left column to access the Advanced Search page, where you can further modify your search parameters.

Limiting Search to Active Projects

To narrow your search results to include only projects in the solicitation phase for which the deadline for submitting bids/RFPs has not passed, simply click the "Limit search to open opportunities" checkbox on the Project Center search page. This can save you a considerable amount of time in reviewing your search results because non-actionable projects will not be included in the results.

Finding similar projects

Whenever an Online Database search or saved search returns a project that matches what you're looking for, you can automatically search for similar projects in the database by clicking the "Find Similar" link that appears to the right of the project title on the project's database page.

When that link is clicked, it generates a database search using the following parameters that are specific to the original project:

  • Sector (Federal, state, or local)
  • Procurement Type (Bid, RFP, Grant, etc.)
  • Category (e.g., Industry Vertical)
  • Market Area

Here are some ways you can use this functionality to improve your searches:

  • Keyword searches aren’t always the best way to find what you’re looking for in the Online Database. Clicking the "Find Similar" link can provide you with additional project matches that don’t include the keywords you had used previously.
  • After you click "Find Similar," be sure to look at the results and determine how many of them fit your product or service. You might find that the success rate with this new search is better than that of your current saved searches.
  • Once you've reviewed the "Find Similar" search results, you can modify or delete one or more of the parameters in the search criteria at the top of left column to see additional related projects, especially if you widen the geographic area of the search from city/metro area to state or national.
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