Searching for term contracts and awards

Starting a New Search

To search for term contracts and awards, go to platform.onvia.com and log in to your account.

After you log in, click the "Project Center" drop-down menu at the top of the "My Onvia" page and select the "Term Contracts & Awards" option to access the Term Contracts & Awards search page. Choose your search parameters by entering keywords and clicking checkboxes for location and industry. You also have the option of searching for only awarded term contracts.

If your Onvia subscription has been upgraded to allow for full access to Term Contract Center tools and data, you can also enter awarded-vendor names as search parameters, and you can choose to search for only active term contracts (i.e., those set to expire at some future date) and for contracts that will be expiring in certain time frames.

If you want to narrow your search further, click the "Advanced Search" link below the "Search" button.

You'll be taken to the Term Contracts & Awards Advanced Search page where you'll find a number of additional refinement options in the left column.

You can go back to the "Term Contracts & Awards" search page at any point by clicking either "Project Center" drop-down menu or the "Term Contracts & Awards" hyperlink at the top of the page. You can also start a new search by entering keywords in the text field at top of the page and clicking the magnifying-glass button.

Search Parameters

The Advanced Search page in Term Contract Center provides you with refinement options you can use to narrow your search for term contracts and awards:

The Term Contract Center search page has one field for keywords, and all of them will be found in the each of your search results. The Advanced Search page has three fields for keywords, and all three can be used at the same time.

You have 13 different choices of industry verticals (plus an "Other" category) to include with your search parameters.

FSC Codes
The Federal Supply Classification (FSC) code parameters include Research and Development, Services, and Supplies and Equipment.

The geographic location of the agency associated with the project. Search by states, cities, counties, and MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas).

Level of Government
You can search for spending plans issued by agencies at the city/town, county, state and federal level as well as by special districts and school districts.

Agency Function
You can refine a search according to agencies' area of focus or jurisdiction, such as Education, General Purpose, Public Safety, and Transportation.

Contract Details
You can specify the ranges of contract value, search for only term contracts, search by the term contract's expiration date and duration of term, and specify whether the the term contract has only been awarded once or was renewed. You also have the option either to include GSA Schedule-related contracts in your results or to filter them out.

You can enter the names of specific companies or firms to search for those names as awarded vendors on contracts.

You can filter search results according to when the award was first published in the Onvia Online Database and to when the award was actually made by the agency.

Searching for competitors and partners

Term Contract Center can be used to quickly find out which agencies your competitors and potential teaming partners are working with and, when available and applicable, the values of the contracts they were awarded. On the Term Contracts & Awards search page, type the names of the companies you want to track in the “Enter Vendor Name(s)” field. These names will be searched only in the data for awarded vendors on contracts.

In your search results pages, you’ll see your competitors highlighted in yellow in the “Vendor” column. When multiple vendors were awarded the contract, this will also be highlighted and you can click through to the award details page to see the vendors’ names.

If you have an upgraded Term Contract Center subscription, you'll be able to get contact information for the awarded vendors, including the vendor representative listed on the contract when available, by clicking the Project Contacts tab on the Project Details page for the award.

Searching for active term contracts only

To search only for term contracts that you could potentially compete for in future years, you have two methods available:

On the Term Contracts & Awards search page, you can select the "Search only Awarded Term Contracts" checkbox and then select either the "All Active Term Contracts" option or an "Expiring within..." option from the drop-down menu below the checkbox.

Those same options are available to you in the "Contract Details" search parameters on the Term Contracts & Awards Advanced Search page, where you can also specify a range for the contract expiration dates you're interested in.

Once you've reviewed the search results, you can generate a list of the agencies you should follow up with regarding these future opportunities by clicking the "View the agencies that issued these awards" button at the top of the award search results page.

You can create a spreadsheet of these agencies containing contact information and other related data by clicking the "Export to Excel" link at the top of the agency search results page.

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