Understanding the Email Guide

Viewing the Guide Email

The Guide email begins by displaying the total number of new opportunities for that day. The numbers adjacent to the Folders and Saved Searches represent your new opportunities for that day. 

Directly below, is a more detailed summary list of your results. Again, your opportunities are organized by each Folder and Saved Search

How information is organized

In your daily Guide email, you can see the projects and awards grouped by Saved Search and Folder Updates. "Updated" means that the project has had information added to it since the last time it was published.

Adjacent to each "Saved Search" and “Folder Updates” labels, you will see the number of new results for that day.  

The “Summary of Results” is also separated into sections, each of which corresponds to a Saved Search or Folder. There are separate categories of results for Project Center project searches and Term Contract Center awards searches. Spending Forecast Center Saved Searches currently cannot be added to the Guide. 

The number adjacent to the Folder and Saved Search names shows the number of results for that category. Each category displays details for the type of update or opportunity, Project Name, Agency, Location, and Submittal date. In order to view this information in more detail, simply click on the Project Name

Duplicated results

Sometimes a single project can appear multiple times in the same edition of the Guide. In cases like this, the project was a match for multiple Saved Searches, and therefore it was listed in the results for each of those Saved Searches.

Viewing the Project in the Online Database

Clicking the project name will take you to the Details page for that project in the Online Database.

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