Managing users & groups

Adding new users

To add Guide recipients to your Onvia account, click the "My Guide" tab at the upper-right corner of any Online Database page, and then click the "Guide Settings" tab at the upper-left corner of the page. In the "Recipients" section under "Your Guide Settings," you'll find fields where you can enter the name and contact information for the users you want to receive the Guide. The number of recipients you can add is determined by your subscription level. These recipients will receive the Guide in a daily email message but will not have access to the Online Database for project searches.

Changing the primary user

Only the current primary user can designate another team member on the account as primary user.

Managing groups

By default, the system designates the primary user as the group owner for all groups created. The primary user can then create users in each group and assign them as the group owner for their respective groups. The primary user and group owner will be able to see the “Team” tab in the “My Account” screen through which the administration tasks can be performed. The group users will not be able to see the “Team” tab.

Managing Guide Recipients

The primary user or admin on an Onvia account with multiple users has the ability to select which users receive daily or weekly Onvia Guide emails and which ones don't. Likewise, the primary user can see in the Team tab which users have chosen on their own not to receive the Guide.

Unable to view all allocated licenses in the Team tab

Only about 12 user names are visible at a time in the expanded group list of licensed users. To view more, you'll need to use the scroll bar. If the scroll bar isn't visible (which is the case with some browser types), you can click any name on the list and use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the list.

Sharing Saved Searches

To share a Saved Search with a colleague in both the Project Center and Spending Forecast modules, select "Manage Saved Searches" in the "Saved Searches" drop-down menu at the top of the respective module's search page or search-results page. This will launch a "Manage Saved Searches" pop-up window where you then select the search or searches you want to share and click the "Send" link; in the "Send to:" pop-up window, fill in the name, email address, and company name of the person to whom you want to forward the search, and include a message if you'd like. After you click "Send," an email message containing the link to the search will be sent to the recipient. Note that the recipient will need to be an Onvia subscriber to access the search.

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